Tamara Thompson LMFT, is a New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who maintains a private practice located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, just blocks away from Grand Central Station.

I work with individuals and couples of diverse cultural backgrounds and honor the therapeutic relationship we share. I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, premarital therapy, heart-centered hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and Reiki. I am influenced by narrative therapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, the Gottman Method, systems theory, somatic practices and the work of Esther Perel. I offer two weekend intensives for couples, one that focuses on couples in crisis and the other for couples wanting to dive deep and jump start repairing/creating intimacy. I offer “journey” packages for individuals, which include one heart-centered hypnotherapy session and an area of focus identified by the client. I also offer a self-actualization package (referencing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) for individuals which guides clients through love languages, attachment style, inner-child healing, shadow self awareness and acceptance, towards being able to create peace within, identify their unique gifts and live authentically to their highest potential.

Through the process of therapy, growth and self actualization begin to develop in an organic way. As clients begin to connect with themselves and with others, they begin to deepen their awareness of self and purpose in life, and continue on a journey more aligned with who they are at their core, also known as their true self. The process impacts everyone involved, the individuals, the couple, the therapist, and the world. The realization that at any point in time, perspectives can be shifted and life can be experienced differently, empowers clients to create the life and the relationship they desire. It is empowering, attainable, and real.

I am in support of all those who are turning inward for their own happiness and personal growth. I am in support of all those who are healing from bruises, bumps, and unexpected circumstances. I am in support of couples, trying to figure things out, trying to reconnect with one another, trying to save their relationship while also acknowledging that they too deserve to be supported by their partner and experience happiness.

The purpose of the blog is to share themes that arise in session and to share tools, different perspectives, and information.

“The stories we tell ourselves become our truth, what we extract from each experience becomes our reality.” Tamara Thompson

I wish you the very best on your journey, if you have found your way to my site and to this blog, I am hopeful that the messages will resonate with you and impact your life in a positive way.  Trust yourself, trust the process!

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Tamara Thompson LMFT in NYC, specializing in relationships with others and with self