Services Provided


Psychotherapy Individual

Everything starts with self-realization. Individual psychotherapy services are available virtually and in-person at my Midtown Manhattan location. Sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly and are either 50 minutes or 75 minutes in length. Clients can expect a clinical assessment as well as a holistic approach. Incorporating meditation and/or Reiki is optional. I am influenced by Gestalt Techniques, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Somatic Therapy.

Individual journey packages are also available for clients who would like an intensive, deep dive, short-term approach in one area of focus. Packages are 6, 8, or 12 sessions. Please see “Journey Packages” for more information.

Couples Therapy

I hold a New York State license in Marriage and Family therapy (LMFT) and enjoy supporting couples with deepening and healing their relationship and connection. Whether a couple desires to acquire new communication tools, are hoping to develop or enhance their intimacy, or need support during a major life transition, together, we collaboratively create a therapeutic approach that is unique to them. I use several modalities and am influenced by Family Systems Theory, Esther Perel and the Gottman Method. Sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly and are either 50 minutes or 75 minutes in length.

Couples Journey packages are also available for couples who would like an opportunity to revamp their relationship with an intensive, deep dive, short-term approach in one area of focus. Packages are 8, 12, or 16 sessions. There is a 4 consecutive day Intimacy package, as well as a one day, “couples in crisis” intensive. Please see “Journey Packages” for more information.

Premarital Therapy/Prepare Enrich Assessment Facilitator

Premarital therapy has grown in popularity over the past few years not just for marriage bound couples, but also for couples who are planning on moving in together, or are contemplating taking their relationship to the next level and want to ensure they are on the same page regarding finances, family, friends, intimacy, shared time, etc. Clear expectations now, create more harmonious relationships in the future. For those couples who are marriage bound and already have a set date, we create an experience that is informative, positive, and fun. We stay rooted in love and ensure vulnerable conversations are held in a therapeutic safety container, creating a deeper level of connection, more understanding of their partner, themselves, and their couple dynamic.

Couples take the #1 premarital and marriage assessment tool, Prepare/Enrich, receive a couples workbook with tools, and a unique detailed couples report which highlights the couples strengths as well as opportunities for growth. See “Journey Packages” for more information.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH)/Hypnosis

Are you ready to go deeper?

The mind is powerful and delving deep enough to uncover the information stored in our subconscious can be discovered in traditional therapy, however there are times when we, as human beings we still struggle to identify and understand what is driving our undesired behavior.

As we continue to learn more about our hearts and the energy of love, more and more therapeutic and healing modalities are working with both the mind and heart to create change and support people with living their most authentic lives. Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a healing modality that will help you gain insight into your behaviors, blocks, and beliefs by identifying some of the earliest experiences that are currently influencing your life.

You will have the opportunity to rewrite old narratives, heal your inner child, connect with lost/fragmented parts of yourself, and eliminate and extinguish old, fear based thoughts about yourself and/or the world around you. Oftentimes, the defense mechanisms we unknowingly created during childhood and adolescence to keep us safe, are the same coping mechanisms that are keeping us stuck and preventing us from existing in our full, most authentic expression. Through accessing your subconscious mind, we find and address the blockages through the use of your voice during hypnosis as well experiencing a physical, bodily release.

The energy release component is empowering. Together, while in a deeper state of relaxation and heart openness, we move energy to allow repressed emotions, repressed memories, and repressed inner resources to emerge. We work together to heal the heart center and empower you to make the changes you desire.

I offer Heart Centered Hypnotherapy (HCH), to current clients as part of their treatment. I also offer HCH as part of three types of packages. The packages are great for people who may already be in therapy or individuals who want a shorter, more direct/intensive experience that can support removing blocks through the transformative experience of hypnotherapy and accessing the subconscious mind.

Journey Packages

My Individual Self-Love Journey” package Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy (6, 8, or 12 sessions): Together we create a package that is tailored to your needs and desires. You will have an opportunity to select a track that best fits your needs at this time. There are 3 individual tracks in total: Healing Track, Self-Awareness Track, and Self-Actualization Track. All packages include one hypnotherapy session with at least two age regressions. We explore blockages, self-limiting beliefs, inner-child, shadow work, attachment style, love languages, and self-love. REIKI add-on also available with hypnotherapy session.

“Couples Revamp Journey” package (8, 12, or 16 sessions): Together we tailor a therapeutic approach to support you with creating the relationship dynamic you seek. We identify areas of focus, couples take the Prepare/Enrich online assessment, and gain extensive knowledge of their love languages, attachment styles, and marital expectations. Through the use of different modalities, we take an integrative approach to identifying the best tools to support them with navigating their differences, and building increased intimacy.

“Couples 4 Day Intimacy Journey” package: This is a structured 15hr intensive, geared towards increasing intimacy and trust. Couples dive deep together as they discuss love languages, attachment styles, take the Prepare/Enrich online assessment, and each have an individual heart-centered hypnotherapy session focusing on what is getting in the way of their intimacy. It is intense, focused, connecting, and beautiful!

“Premarital Journey” package (4, 6 or 8 sessions): Sessions are 75 minutes and couples select areas of concentration based on their needs. Some couples prefer to focus on one or two topics, while others opt to touch base around all the topics identified on their Prepare/Enrich couples report. The package is customized to the couples needs.